Green has, without a doubt, been the colour of the year for 2017. With so many bold and distinctive shades to choose from, green boasts immense versatility and adaptability. It is easy to understand why it has been on trend for most of the year.

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What goes with sun-kissed days better than the colour yellow? Very little, we think. It is all parts bright, bold, daring and exciting. It is an accent that captures the mood and style of Summer, perfectly

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Fact 1: Summer is absolutely amazing.

Fact 2: Colours are excitingly enchanting.

Together, then, the combination of Summer and exciting colours should bring nothing but bliss to style aficionados everywhere.
There is something about bright hues and warm weather that evokes a carefree feeling, inspires experimental combinations with outfits, and results in looks that capture what it means to fully embrace the vast stylistic choices that come with the hottest months of the year.

South Africa’s Spring/Summer 2017 is hot, and so are the menswear colour options that you have to have this season.




Normally a Winter staple, the beiges and light browns of the world have found their space in SS17. These earthy shades for Summer days are best worn in a fresh ensemble that features various shades and saturations of beige worn together.

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Deep blue hues have ascended to the top of the colour mountain this SS17. The deeper shades of blue offer an ice cool alternative to the colours with which we associate Summer style. Like the earthy colours, it has transcended the colder months to become a massive feature of the sun-filled season.

Image Credit: Vogue Paris