Breaking into the market with an exceptionally colourful boom, Wulff is giving medical professionals the opportunity to up their scrub game in a range of incredible patterns. Because when every day is a beautiful day to save lives why not look your absolute best while doing it? The only problem here is we’re not medical professionals and we’d kill for a set of these, so what on Earth is a girl to do? Fear not girls (and boys obvs) there’s always medical school (pull an Elle Woods in the name of fashion), but seriously, if you faint at the sight of blood or aren’t keen spending the next seven years studying there’s a much simpler solution.

Attention all Stylistas! We’re dying to show you our latest labour of love! Welcome to “For the Love of Local”, in our little corner of the interwebs, we’ll be throwing the spotlight onto some of the countries coolest and most inspiring designers. From beginners to the pro’s if you or someone you know are making wonderful things locally, we wanna know about it. So, let’s jump right in, and without further ado lets open the show with a heavy-handed dose of greatness called ‘Know Scrubs’ (we see what you did there and we love it!) The mastermind behind the range is the ever-stylish, self-confessed Grey’s Anatomy addict, Inge Wulff.


Order yourself a pair, duh! Snatch up the pattern of your choice and throw on your fave sneaks or strappy heels, a denim jacket and some bling to complete the look. But remember it’s not magical, and watching every episode of Grey’s five times does not make you a doctor. For more check out their Facebook page, link below.