1. My name is René, I am a recently matriculated student who is soon moving to France to study Fashion. I am a hard worker, passionate about anything I put my mind to and absolutely love interior decorating.

5. I have quite a few. * Moldiv * VSCO *Snapseed * Facetune 2

6. My inspiration would have to be the friends around me, because they all have similar passions and they are pretty good at what they do. Also, Bonang Matheba and Sarah Langa.

7. My personal style can be described as street chic with a flair of modern

8. My everlasting favourite colour is Black because it is timeless, however at the moment, I am obsessed with white.

9. A pair of simple jeans, a white tee and takkies from Zara with a simple bag to decorate.

10. My favourite fashion icon has to be Rihanna and the way she can wear any look she wishes.

11. My ultimate dream would be to work with Vogue and Ana Wintor

12. Typically, I work on my laptop, head to business meetings and lunches in order to discuss my career further in Fashion as well as possible collabs.

2. My main passions are Fashion and helping out those in need. Fashion because it is who I am, dressing up and telling stories through the pieces that I wear is what I love to do most. Secondly, Poverty is an ever lasting issue that many countries face, and by assisting in possibly eradicating it lies close to my heart, because making a difference in one person’s life can act as a chain reaction to help someone else. And that can make all the difference.

3. The five tips I can give when sharing looks are :

  • Be confident in what you share, if you love what you’re wearing, People will too.
  • Pose in such a way that your outfit will be properly shown.
  • Share looks that are genuinely yours, there’s no use posting pictures of other people if you’re trying to express yourself.
  • Edit, Edit, Edit. It makes the overall quality of your picture look great and can, in many cases enhance your outfit.

4. I use my IPhone to shoot all my photos, with my ultimate favourite background being anything with white. I am obsessed with the colour white and how crisp it makes a picture look.

13. Garnier active face wash and mask in the morning, followed by tea tree toner. Works wonders on your face.

14. I hope to someday make a successful brand of myself, internationally, as well as head up one of the biggest fashion firms in the world, if not open my own one. Entrepreneurship is very important to me.

15. Apart from probably cooking and singing like an angel, no hidden talents.

16. In 5 years time, I hope to see myself established overseas, maybe Italy or remain in Paris. Working with a fashion firm and other fashion companies to build up my career in the fashion industry.

17. There are so many things to do in Johannesburg. Markets upon markets like Neighbourgoods, an unforgettable shopping experience at Sandton City or even a fun time at the Gold Reef City Theme Park. Personally, I enjoy visiting art galleries around town.

18. I am in the process of starting my own charity, which assists young girls who are unable to obtain sanitary pads during their time of menstruation.