Meruschka Govender’s view of South Africa with SMITH eyewear.

SMITH Optics, Europe & North America’s iconic eyewear brand, recently arrived in South Africa. Recognizable by their clean sleek technicolour lenses and appreciated for the fit and health tracking technology of their frames, SMITH eyewear is perfect for those of us who love exploring and leading adventurous, active lives. For our first travel escapade with SMITH, renowned South African travel activist Meruschka Govender showed us how she sees South Africa. Known for starting the #AfriTravel Twitter handle, managing IAMJOBURG’s Instagram account and writing for her namesake blog Mzansi Girl, Meruschka’s love for South Africa naturally stems from what she refers to in this article as the “misunderstood and misrepresented” inner city of Joburg. Read her guest post where she shows us many reasons to get out there and #SeeSA.


Johannesburg, my heart, I love this city so much! It’s energy, youthfulness and creative spirit speak to my soul. It’s a city of contrasts and colour, a city of heritage, art and a little chaos.


As one of Joburg’s biggest ambassadors, I am very passionate about showing people South Africa. I’m completely over the negativity -I’m looking at you Capetonians- and I use my Mzansi Girl blog and Instagram page to show how we may look at the city afresh. So, when the folks at The Stylista asked me to show them how I see Joburg as part of their #SeeSA campaign with SMITH, I was super excited!

With so many cool creative spaces to explore in Jozi, I decided to focus on Berea’s Ponte City, Yeoville & Joburg CBD – areas of Johannesburg often misunderstood and misrepresented.


Reflecting on the City I guess my personal style is a reflection of Joburg – edgy, youthful, bold and creative… sometimes dark and a little grungy, with splashes of colourful print in between.
We started the day at Dlala 5101, the new events venue on the 51st floor of Ponte City. Our guide, Gilbert, told us about the fascinating history of this iconic building – from it being one of the most desirable places to live when it was built, to becoming an urban slum to its current status as a residential complex.

We then headed to the “core” of Ponte, a post-apocalyptic space, that has been used as a film set for dystopian moviesJudge DreadChappie and Resident Evil – The Final Chapter… Of course, I had to jump!


Next, we headed to an authentic Cameroonian fish lunch prepared by Blanche, chef at La Camerounaise in Yeoville. The fish was grilled on the fire and served with a spicy sauce. I left with a happy belly!

If you’d like to experience this, I highly recommend Dlala Nje’s The Taste of Yeoville food tour.


I’d been on tours with Dlala Nje before, but the part of the day I anticipated the most was a newly launched skateboarding tour of inner city Jozi.

Of course, I have no idea how to skate, but the guys at City Skate Tours were super patient and within a short time I got the hang of the basics!

I can’t recommend City Skate tours highly enough! Oh, and how dope are these blue reflective sunglasses?

My SMITH eyewear experience 
Throughout the day I got to try out a range of Smith sunglasses and prescription eyewear. I’ve been wearing prescription glasses since I was 12, and I always look forward to getting a new pair of frames.

I appreciate high quality prescription glasses and sunglasses, if I could afford it I’d have my own collection with different colours and shapes! I was impressed by SMITH eyewear’s quality and the funky frames available, and I especially liked that they’re durable and trendy – perfect for a traveler.


I also got to choose a pair to keep! It was super hard to choose but I eventually decided on this funky mulberry tortoise-shell style.

Check out the video below to see more of the glasses I wore:

For more information on Smith eyewear, see their website: www.smithoptics.comor follow them on Instagram@SmithOptics