It happens every year, yet somehow still manages to catch us unprepared. While we bask in the sumptuous Summer sunshine, hoping that the glorious conditions never go away, it begins.

It’s a minor shift at first. The early sunrises are replaced by longer periods of darkness, the splendid temperatures begin to drop; and then, all at once, your hot-weather garb makes its way to the back of your closet, as you reactively prepare for the Autumn and Winter seasons ahead.

This year, we’re doing things a lot differently. Proactive is the word of the season, and it begins with preparing your Autumn wardrobe, before the temperature drops. The Autumn/Winter 2018 journey starts with these must-have, trend-proof pieces every man should have in his cold weather collection.

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It went from sideline sideshow to becoming one of the main events of every single style season. It is a staple of many wardrobes, boasting a multifunctional Autumn appeal that makes it virtually impossible to drop. On milder days, you can wear it unbuttoned over a T-shirt, while on colder days it can be an essential part of a layered outfit. Versatile and consistently stylish, what more do you need?

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Once the richly coloured leaves start falling, your footwear strategy will need a little bit of reworking. We know, we know, trading your beloved sneakers in for something different brings you very little joy. However, a pair of well-built and well-styled brogue boots can fill your sneaker void. They’re just the right amount of smart, rugged and stylish and they absolutely need to be part of your shoe rack.

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Quality knits are an absolute must during Autumn. It’s a bit early to bring out the thick knits, so the lighter knits will have to do for the next few weeks. Breathable cotton blends and light wools are some of our preferred materials, with earthy and neutral tones our preferred colours. 

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