As every girl know trends come and go with the seasons, but there are a few old faithful’s that endure no matter the weather (or the year). And the classic checks are a firm favourite that seem to stand the test of time! Luckily for us this season is no different and as the winter months draw closer we’re in for a treat of checks. So why not revisit your fave girlie flick and give your wardrobe an injection of Clueless style by adding a crisp, preppy touch to any outfit. Whether you want to go full old school like Cher or put a fresh spin on the look for a more modern look is entirely up to you!

The old school of stylish thought dictates that you pair two perfectly matching prints with each other a la Cher, but the 2018 crew says you gotta mix and match it up for a crisp, preppy look – which would you choose?