#Changingthegame with Lesego & TFG.

Look at me….What do you see?

Pretty outfits? Well kept manicures? We love your lipstick and where did you get your hair done?

Look again……….What do you see?

A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a friend.

Look deeper now……This is what I see………

I am a multifaceted being, no one role I own. I love, I cry, I push and I fight to be better than I was the day before. I am Lesego but better known as Thickleeyonce to most. I am a photographer, plus size model and lifestyle influencer. I am outspoken and untamed, defining the odds as I am #changingthegame.

Learning to love myself for who I am, defining the face of beauty and ignoring the haters to do what I love, I am a style icon in my own right, speaking up for those who are seeking to join me in my quest to #changingthegame.

Keep reading below to see how I am doing just that …..

“I am #changingthegame by challenging societal beauty and fashion standards; my body or my skin colour do not define me. I am never going to fit into the conventional standards and I’m not going to try to fit in. I love looking like me, I love my body, I love myself & that’s all that matters. I will never be perfect enough for society nor the fashion or beauty industry so I’m setting my own standards and living up to them, stretch marks, cellulite, fat rolls and all!”

I teamed up with TFG to show how I am #changingthegame shop my gorgeous look below. “Every women deserves to look the part whilst she is #Changingthegame”

As you would’ve seen in my #Changingthegame video my style secret has to be high waisted pants with a chic crop top. No surprise here as that is exactly what I have picked from The FIX. The frill detail on the sleeves give this crop top the perfect touch of feminine edge.

Black wide sleeve top The FIX
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Gold hoop earrings

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When you are #Changingthegame you always need to be one step ahead , beating the clock at every chance you get. I am doing just that with this berry hued watch from American Swiss.

No matter what my size is standing out for me is key! These golden silk wide leg pants from The FIX make me feel like every bit the golden goddess .

Yellow stripped satin pants The FIX
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“Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world!” well with these on trend zip up boots from The FIX , I most certainly can.

No outfit would be complete without the perfect finishing touch. An array of golden gems from long drop hoop earrings, delicate layered necklaces and stylish stacker rings, add the perfect sparkling touch to my look.

You too can get the look just like me with TFG.