#Changingthegame with Buhle & TFG.

Look at me….What do you see?

Pretty outfits? Well kept manicures? We love your lipstick and where did you get your hair done?

Look again……….What do you see?

A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and friend.

Look deeper now……This is what I see……….

I am a multifaceted being, no one role I own. I love, I cry, I push and I fight to be better than I was the day before. I am Buhle. I am a wife, a mother and a business woman. I am outspoken and untamed, defining the odds as I am #changingthegame.

Learning to love myself for who I am, defining the face of the working mum and ignoring the haters to do what I love, I am a style icon in my own right, speaking up for those who are seeking to join me in my quest to #changingthegame.

Keep reading below to see how I am doing just that …..

“I am #changingthegame by challenging the notion that you can be a wife a mother and a business woman. By challenging this notion I am teaching my children that you can indeed take on many roles and give your all to them. That you can be whatever it is that you want to be, have a family and share your success with them.

I believe that my idea of introducing gender neutral clothing into the children’s fashion industry in 2015 has made me a game changer. Unisex clothing has been breaking ground in the pink and blue market all over the world for a very long time, it was about time for South Africans to start playing with colours such as grey and  black on their little girls.”

I teamed up with TFG to show how I am #changingthegame shop me gorgeous look below. “Every women deserves to look the part whilst she is #changingthegame”

Every look has to have a show stopper piece and for me this soft pink faux fur jacket from The FIX stole the show and stole my heart.

Faux Fur pink jacket The FIX
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Timing is everything! When you have kiddies schedules to stick to and deadlines for work around every corner, my Tempo watch from American Swiss keeps me stylishly on time.

Travel light and move more, make sure you’ve always got the essential wherever you go with this backpack from Duesouth

Although heels will forever be my go to, on days that are just too manic my comfy sneakers from Sportscene are my first choice.

Black Addidas trainers Sportscene
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Grab these rose tinted glasses from The FIX and be sure that your view is always rosy!

Much like our idol Coco we believe less is more with this simple and elegant bracelet from Sterns

Maroon jacket Exact
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