Matric Dance Tips by Vanessa Chilimanzi

After enduring the stress of waiting on the hunk of the school to ask you out as his date, then you find out he asked your friend instead nothing else should spoil your process of getting ready for the biggest day of your high school years.

Yes your makeup is important, so is the dress you will be wearing, the accessories and anything else you can think of. But, if I had it my way, I would put more focus on the one thing that will make my night memorable and enjoyable. I would make sure I spend my whole night on the dance floor dancing away the disappointment of my crush not recognizing me, hence shoes would be my number one priority. Comfort is always key and there is a brand just for that.

Think about it, if you spend all your time worrying about the makeup look you will rock, you will only rock the fleeking eyebrows and glow to the gods for just that night and yes, you will have to wash it off before you get into bed. If you exert all your energy towards finding THE Gert-Johan Coetzee inspired dress to bring out your Bonang-ness for the night, chances are you are only going to give the people what they want in that glamorous and eye catching dress once and you will never wear it  again. It may win you the best dressed title but it will never see the outside of your wardrobe again 🙁

As you try to make a statement, here is how you can do so:

– It should not be higher than 4 inches.

– Should hug your foot like a glove

– Must be comfortable

– Should be versatile

– Shouldn’t cost a fortune

There is only one place you can pick a shoe with the above qualities and it’s Miss Black!

With that in mind, you will be assured that your shoes set you apart from everyone in the room and you will be able to rewear them a thousand times with anything and everything and they will always look like a new different pair each time because versatility is everything.