Get the look with Missy & TFG

We’re given a further peak into the mind of Missy when she tells us what inspires her stylish fashion choices,

“I’m drawn to and inspired by the things I see around me: architecture, interiors, textiles, flowers, landscapes, colours, art, makeup, furniture design, textures and sometimes even food. I also adore thrifting and enjoy the idea of hand-me-downs and garments that have a history.”

We were lucky enough to spend the day basking in the human ray of sunshine that is Missy, not only is this woman a laugh a minute, but she also happens to be an incredibly talented make-up artist and trendy as all hell! It’s no secret we’ve had a major fashion crush on Missy for some time. With an eclectic style that seamlessly combines elements of masculinity and femininity.

She described for us how she likes clothing that is “visually structured, with rhythm.

” Going onto elaborate she describes how she favours clothing that has “little movement, nothing too floaty.”

But by adding a “some colour or floral textile” can really soften the look and create something slightly more whimsical.

Finally, we just had to ask where this flair for fashion and style came from and Missy was kind enough to share a lovely personal memory with us, “I remember paging through my parent’s old photo album, and I came across a photograph of my dad wearing a bright mustard suit – it stuck with me.

It made me comfortable knowing I could display an emotion through my style.  I remember how bold and outrageous that suit was, and it gave me the confidence to explore fashion that might not be appealing to others.  And that’s what I love. 

Being different and secure in my fashion decisions. I saw how confident my dad looked and that gave me great satisfaction as he is a big role model in my life.”

Yellow Heels: Foschini

Gold and diamond studs: Exact

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Sunglasses : Exact

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Stripped Crop Top : The Fix

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Gold Necklaces : Exact

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Brown Round Handbag: Foshcini

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