Long sleeves, deep ruffles, high necklines and enveloping shawls – popping up on runways, magazine covers and in your Instagram feed. It’s obvious that big brands and street style stars alike are embracing big shapes, covered-up silhouettes, and creative layering.  What’s going on here?  What happened to exposed midriffs and spaghetti-strap dresses?

It’s been coined ‘Modest Fashion’, and in short, it’s all about covering up for the sake of modesty, comfort and adherence to religious beliefs, truly adopting the ‘More Is More’ mantra. And it’s plain to see that this style movement is anything but boring. Longer hemlines, eccentric cardigans and ponchos are no longer only reserved for grannies at tea-time and Betty Suarez.

We’ve had the pleasure of watching this trend unfold before our very own eyes, with the term appearing around the mid 2000’s when fashion designers looked to religious motivations for inspiration, then Mariah Idrissi featured in an H&M’s campaign wearing a hijab. Since then powerhouses like Dolce & Gabbana, Cover Girl and Marc Jacobs have all been early adopters of this movement, allowing for self-expression that doesn’t sacrifice personal religious beliefs.

But why is this movement resurfacing?
In an age of equal rights, inclusion and diversity, it’s no surprise that we’re experiencing the second wave of the Modest Fashion movement, and the internet, and The Stylista are here for it.

It’s new and it’s fun and it gives us the perfect excuse to layer with oversized garments and larger than life accessories. Dressing modestly gives us a canvas to play around with more colours, prints and layers. More fabric means more room for expression. The modesty that naturally follows is simply an added bonus.

Here are some of our current favourite Modest Fashion looks from some of our favourite designers:

Instagram: @yuhanwangyuhan

Instagram: @wall_harajuku

Instagram: @ceciliebahnsen

What’s not to love?
Ready to get in on this trend?

Start with a plain black tee, a pair of oversized, comfortable jeans and a pair of fresh white trainers. Then start layering – and don’t forget those accessories!