As Modest March moves ahead, it’s time to really get to the heart of this modest fashion trend.

As the weather gets cooler and we’re finding more excuses to bundle, layer and accent, we’re ready to explore this movement through a local lens. Of course, the best way to do that is to ask an expert!
It’s always better when you can get quality fashion advice from a friend.

Lucky for us, we already know someone passionate about the modest fashion movement! The wonderful Helena Kahanovits (@hkmodstyle) gave us some insight into her world and her favourite style. From someone who lives and breathes modest fashion, be inspired to embrace a modest flair into your everyday look!

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Where do you find your best inspiration?
The garden. I love nature, flowers and colour! So that’s where I get a lot of inspo from. The rest of the inspiration comes from Instagram and Pinterest, I must admit.

Who is your style icon?
Sarah Jessica Parker. I love her style and her vibe. She rocks modern modest clothing and always looks put together and so chic! I also can’t exclude the fact that we are both obsessed with Manolo Blahnik shoes.

What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?
You must always walk out of your front door looking good and presentable – you never know who you might meet. (According to my late grandmother, whom I never got to meet but my dad passed down this advice from her to me).

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How do you feel about trends?
They’re a great basis to follow for upcoming seasons, but they don’t need to be followed to the T. I look at trends as a guideline, however I feel that personal style is actually more important than trends.

If you had to guess the next big trend in fashion, what would it be?
Big sleeves. Lots of volume.

If you were a clothing brand, which one would you be?
Witchery – Classic, simple, modern, trendy.

What do you think about online clothing shopping?
I have mixed feelings about online shopping. On the one hand it’s super convenient, quick and easy (especially for us working women), but on the other hand, the best part about shopping for me is touching the clothes, walking through the stores, the window shopping and trying on the clothes! So, I’m probably more of a real-life shopping fan.

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Favourite online store?
ASOS, it’s hard to ship into SA but they have the best variety of stylish modest clothes.

What outfit mishap keeps you up at night?
Same tone “denim on denim”. I have just never been able to get used to it.

Favourite season?
Spring! It’s not too hot or too cold. And I LOVE the blossoms!

How many times a day do you type something into google?
Probably about 10 times a day.

What do you wish more people knew?
People respect those who stand firm in their values and beliefs, even if it’s a bit different to the norm.

What do you wish more people wore?
I wish more people would wear colour. It’s such fun, lifts your spirits and is carefree.

What is your secret talent?
I can make and sew clothes from scratch.

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Quick-fire round:

Gold or silver? Gold.

iOS or Android? iOS

Coffee or tea? TEA

Dine in or delivery? Dine in

Vintage or new? New

Twitter or Instagram? Instagram

Big party or small gathering? Small gathering

Heels or flats? Heels.

Work hard or play hard? A bit of both makes a perfect combination.

Save or spend? Save. And then spend!

Breakfast or Dinner? Dinner.

Text or call? Text.

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Helena is a 24-year-old Wits graduate with a strong love for style and fashion.
Check her out on Insta!