We recently hit up the TUKS FM Freshers party with the liveliest rising star Zanele (@zanelepotelwa)! It’s always a good time when we get to hang out with talent like her and she absolutely made our day with her dazzling smile and adventurous vibe! As usual, it was up to us to get Zanele looking her absolute best before the event. It’s a good thing we love dressing Jozi’s best and brightest! This little get together was about to get a lot trendier after we helped sunny Zanele Get the Look with TFG Rewards!

Redbat women’s fierce white bodysuit: R229.95

We really pulled out all the stops and made sure to take all the time we needed to find the perfect style for the day. We decked out our girl and allowed her to shine in a futuristic-looking silver reflective boiler suit. Just look at that glow up! It perfectly complimented the soft pastel pink tones of Zanele’s hair and definitely made her the center of attention. The shine of the fabric looked great paired with bright, open-toed aquamarine heels and the cutest little crocodile-textured clutch for her to carry her essentials around the event. The sparkle of gold chain accents tied everything together perfectly.

Redbat women’s irridescent boiler suit: R899.95

Pretoria really knows how to party! We had a blast, soaked up the festive atmosphere and loved listening to all the local music talent. Tuks FM, in association with Homecoming Events, outdid themselves with a party celebrating youth in all the best ways. The best local DJs, Producers and Live acts came together – obviously we took full advantage! Zanele’s vibe was infectious and we loved spending the fun-filled day with her! She looked like she had a great time too and was quick to say thanks to TFG Rewards for giving her the ultimate look!

Midi Heel Vamp Mules: R 450.00