With the world around us in a weird sense of limbo, just like in the ‘Good Place’ (before that season finale was released that, I have to be transparent in saying, I did not watch), as global humans we are all wondering when we’ll be allowed to actually be able to parooz our favourite shops properly and experience that strange sense of comfort again.

Now, this isn’t supposed to be something that makes you feel pressed, but in this weird limbo place it’s also hard to know what we’re meant to do with all this time at home. Are we meant to be productive? Are we meant to write the next best screenplay? Conceptualise the next BoJack Horseman? Or are we meant to be listening to our bodies and the world and start slowing d o w n?
We like the sound of the latter the most.

One great way to kill a huge chunk of time is to research and write the next article in our ‘Drip Is Forever’ series, and here we are. Speaking of series, and with our butt-prints solidified in our cosiest spot on the couch, we decided to take a little meander through the binge-worthy, snack-along-to shows that support and uphold our theme this month.

As previously mentioned, this ‘Drip Is Forever’ theme is subjective (You can read our feature article here), we’ve just narrowed down the shows that perfectly demonstrate the ways in which fashion is transcendent. Displaying items of clothing that perfectly encapsulate an era, but when isolated could easily find themselves in our wardrobes, even during a worldwide pandemic.

So, let’s start with our personal bests, in no particular order:

  • How To Look Classy While Finishing A Work Day and Juggling 10 Affairs
    You know this one, 92 episodes (some very slow, but we understand why) allowing us to get up-close-and-personal with an actor whose real surname has a type of meat in it.A series that left many viewers perplexed by the ending.
    The show that made Elisabeth Moss a household name. A series that had us wishing we could be secretaries in the 60s just so we could wear those neck scarves, tweed two-piece suits, red lipstick and a pair of Mary Janes.
    And the more we watched, the more we realized that so many of the fashion combinations donned (see what we did there?) in this show, are seen in some of our favourite shops…You guessed it! We’re talking about Mad Men, and although the clothing was definitely a secondary focus for most viewers, we just love how all the details and vivid colours brought this debaucherously heart-warming narrative to life.
  • Peaking These Looks
    Next on our list is a show that is actually named after the nickname of an item of clothing. Set against a modern soundtrack featuring notable artists like the Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys, and based on an urban gang that used to run the streets in Birmingham, this show proves that the three-piece suit with oxford laced boots and a newsboy cap, fitted jackets, loose-fitting dresses were popular way before anyone reading this article was born.
    And it still slaps. Peaky Blinders has us daydreaming of a fresh Winter wardrobe, and until we’re able to click add to cart and have the item arrive at our doorsteps 2 days later, this 5 season series offers us some winter-wardrobe inspiration, and provides a new kind of self-isolation game: Who can pull of that British accent over video call the best?
  • Looking Fly While Killing Monsters and Defeating the RussiansNow, we’re thankful to this next series for consuming our thoughts with questions like “Just How Good Could Eggos Possibly Be?” and encompasses how we feel when we’re searching for our WIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLL to live and proves that there can be TV fame after being convicted as a kleptomaniac.This series is the perfect background for Capetonian and Braam cool kids alike. Colourful prints on every clothing piece imaginable, scrunchies and high-waisted jeans form the staple for this series, and this is so classically 80s it somehow found the series collaborating with Levis for a limited-edition range. Stranger Things has inspired many post-lockdown looks, and genuinely had us gasping every time the Demogogon would potentially ruin one of Eleven’s outfits.
    Bottom line is, this series has demonstrated just how many of our most treasured clothing items could have easily been worn in a TV show that we *think* is meant to be set in the 80s.

  •  Wrestling, But Make It Fashion
    Leotards, mini-skirts, matching sets, ankle-length pants, haven’t got it yet? What if we said Alison Brie in an empowering series about female “sportsmen”? You guessed it. It’s GLOW. With the fourth season anticipated for the end of 2020, (let’s hope self-solation ends so that this can still happen!).Never 100% confirmed that this is set (much like our previous item on this list) in the 80s, but watching this show for the first time definitely inspired some high-waisted jean and pants splurging, not to mention, totally convincing us that sometimes just a smidge of loud lip can make us feel strong too.
  • This Get Down Is Making Us Wanna Get Dressed Up
    With Baz Lurhman, whose interpretation of icon narratives are often overshadowed by the projects’ perfectly curated wardrobe like in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’, it’s no doubt that our final slot has us lowkey upset that only 11 episodes saw the light of day.With the birth of hip hop and disco told through the lens of Luhrman’s The Get Down, it’s obvious that we would snap up every item worn on this show faster than a celebrity going live on Instagram. Silk bombers, crop-top halters, A-line skirts and slip-dresses (you know, that’s our fave) form the foundation of this show’s wardrobe, and in the same way that the series explores the inception of genres, it likewise feels as if it is the birth-place of our current fashion staples.
    It’s no surprise that this series has us petitioning to get Netflix to bring it back (which we would have done regardless of how much time we had on our hands during lockdown)!