It’s day 42 of South Africa’s lockdown and putting this piece together has this writer longing for the vintage style filled streets of Maboneng, the unattainably cool fits of the Melville nightlife, and the eyebrow raising fashion choices of the radical Braam crowds.
Ahh yes, the divine trinity of the hipster life.

This month, we’re celebrating the old-school. Those ageless treasures that are as trendy today as they were many, many years ago. Those timeless items that fully capture the term Drip Is Forever! Ain’t no school like the old-school, until those pesky millennials turn the old-school into trendy new-school items… Then the lines are blurred forever. *shakes fist*

We see your Ivy Parks (we hope the Beyhive doesn’t see this), your Yeezys, and your G-Stars – but the items and brands we’ve listed below have been style staples since, well, forever. And just when we’re convinced they can’t make a comeback, they prove us wrong by coming back bigger, better, and with more drip than they’ve ever had.

    When it comes to longevity and versatility, nothing quite does it like the Converse All Star. Shifting from a basketball staple, to soldiers, to Olympic athletes, to the height of the Compton Hip Hop era, to amapantsula, to streetwear, and so much more – Chucks have been dripping since van toeka (1917, to be exact).
    Fashion trends change, sneaker styles evolve, but no shoe has remained as relevant, as must-have, as impactful, and as every outfit fitting, as the All Star. Simple design, iconic impact. We can’t help but stan.
    Comedian Hasan Minhaj once described Supreme as “a cultural phenomenon built on hype”. You know what, yeah, that is pretty accurate. Drip Is Forever, but forever is impossible without a certain amount of hype, and no brand has leveraged off their own hype better than Supreme.
    Established in 1994, catering exclusively to skaters, founder James Jebbia noticed that skater clothing culture had started combining low-end fashion with luxury brands to create (at the time, at least) an exciting and unique look. Thus, the everlasting Supreme drip was born. Year after year, the Supreme lure has grown, with its fans’ hunger for the next new line to drop growing insatiable worldwide.
    From a shoe that has been a style staple, to a brand that has steadily grown in popularity, and now to an accessory that went from cool, to unequivocally uncool, to the distinctive standard of on-trend brilliance in streetwear style – the fanny pack. To be fair, its iconic status was sealed the day Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posed for *that* picture.
    In the 80s and 90s, it was a light nice-to-have. Perfect for the active exercise enthusiast looking to carry just enough to get them from home, to their destination, then back home again. Today, it isn’t just trending because of its practical uses, but also as a style statement of cool. Bright colours and bold styling are the new, ridiculously awesome standard for the modern incarnation of the fanny pack.
    We’ve actively avoided using the word “vintage” in this piece by design, but we’re however many words deep into this and it was only a matter of time before we arrived at this point. So, welcome to our vintage pick: plaid pants.
    Whether the lines are subtle or bold, the fits tight or loose (always go with loose), this stylish staple of the 80s has subtly made a splendid return to many of our closets because it just works. Pair it with almost any and everything and, trust us, the combinations will engage in an exciting and playful dialogue. Or, as the cool kids say, “the combos will communicate”.