As a South African platform, The Stylista has always known our following would not be as large, and our influence would not be as far reaching without the support of the black community.

With our team separated and working from home during lockdown, daily status meetings became a place where we would share our mutual disbelief for the tragedies served to us through our screens regarding police brutality playing out in both America and our own country.

Cellphone footage was able to cast a spotlight on injustices that were always happening, except now there was tangible widespread proof.

The killing of George Floyd in America on 25 May reignited the global Black Lives Matter movement which first started in 2013, as an urgent cry to tackle police brutality.

And the team decided that using The Stylista platform was a safe space for us to contribute towards educating those that are unaware or ignorant about what is happening, and we decided to partner with like-minded individuals who were open to being vulnerable about how their lives and industries have been affected by racism.

Siyavuya Adoniger Dondolo of @stylecandyofficial on Instagram, renowned local stylist and brand ambassador, became our first partner on this journey.

In the coming weeks we aim to explore the #BLM movement through the lenses of various influencers so that we can keep the conversation alive, because BLM is not a trend but a desperate call for individuals to evaluate decades of systematic racism.

We hope that we are able to change perceptions along the way, using our platform, but until then The Stylista will continue to at least try.

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