We have got to start off by giving props to Mr Price! In the last month, they launched their Positivi-tees range, staying true to their name by spreading some much-needed positive messages while at the same time supporting local designers.

And they’ve managed to put a smile on our faces once again, this time with the whimsy of trapeze dresses, rolling ruffles and puffy sleeves at the heart of their latest range, Project Retro Daze.

This new range features statement pieces which evoke memories of sun-soaked days that seem to never end, which is partly in thanks to the colour palette of this new range which reminds us to be playful with our wardrobes this spring.

Although this new Project range makes us want to leave it all behind and roadtrip to the closest thing to a festival that we can find, the tasteful execution means that you could wear these pieces to your next Zoom meeting and will finally want to switch your camera on.

Here are our favourites:

You can shop the full range here.